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Cloth Face Coverings

As of May 18th King County residents are directed to wear a face covering in most public settings to prevent the transmission of COVID-19

We are requiring that our patients and visitors please wear a mask when possible while visiting our practice. Please note that, per the CDC’s recommendations, cloth face coverings are not recommended for children under age 2, the deaf or hard of hearing, those unable to remove the mask without assistance and those advised by a medical professional not to wear a mask for personal health reasons. Thank you in advance for helping keep Puget Sound Eye Care a safe environment for everyone!

Cloth face coverings may be fashioned at home using common materials.We ask that you please avoid masks with a valve, as they can disperse particles that put others at risk. 

Protect one another: Wear a face covering and keep 6 feet apart from others in public spaces.

How to make your own cloth face covering:


How to encourage children to wear a mask to their eye appointment: 

How to avoid lens fogging with a cloth face covering:

  • Place a piece of tape on the nose bridge and stretch it towards your cheeks to create a tighter seal. Alternatively, fold a piece of tissue horizontally, and insert it between the top of your mask. This will direct the hot air and moisture into the mask, rather than allowing it to escape
  • Breath through your mouth and downward with your upper lip over the bottom lip, as if you were playing a flute
  • Wash glasses with soapy water and shake off the excess. Either let the glasses air dry or gently dry off with a soft tissue
  • Wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Please see our FAQ about COVID-19 and Eye Care Page (internal link will be added)  for more information about how to safely wear contact lenses during this time. 


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